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Joseph von . 1787--1826, German physicist and optician, who investigated spectra of the sun, planets, and fixed stars, and improved telescopes and other optical instruments


A unit for measurement of the reduced width of a spectrum line such that a spectrum line's reduced width in fraunhofers equals 106 times its equivalent width divided by its wavelength.
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By developing digital holography to become suitable for production, researchers at the Fraunhofer IPM have resolved this dilemma.
The Fraunhofer Centre will be based in the University's Technology and Innovation Centre, which was launched in March last year.
For almost 20 years, module manufacturers worldwide have been making use of the precision measurements carried out at the CalLab PV Modules at Fraunhofer ISE.
The Fraunhofer IDM Centre@NTU is expected to attract the best of IDM R&D from Europe.
Philip Leistner, head of the Acoustics Division at Fraunhofer, told THE FUTURIST that the main deficiency of conventional sound insulation layers for standard floor systems is that they are vertically layered--rather than horizontally layered--composites.
The Michigan Memorial Phoenix Energy Institute (MMPEI) will work with U-M's Office of the Vice President for Research and Fraunhofer to select and evaluate projects.
We believe that Fraunhofer has the best encoder in the world," says Randy Cole, chief technology officer for Internet audio at TI.
1) name, Addresses and contact point (s) fraunhofer society for the promotion of applied research ev hansastr.
TELECOMWORLDWIRE-28 November 2008-RIM's BlackBerry Enterprise solution certified by Fraunhofer Institute SIT(C)1994-2008 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD http://www.
2] of oxygen in 24 hr), according to the Fraunhofer Institute for Engineering and Packaging in Freising, Germany.

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