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Joseph von . 1787--1826, German physicist and optician, who investigated spectra of the sun, planets, and fixed stars, and improved telescopes and other optical instruments
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A unit for measurement of the reduced width of a spectrum line such that a spectrum line's reduced width in fraunhofers equals 106 times its equivalent width divided by its wavelength.
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Scana is involved in research projects with the Institut Siliziue (Silesium) Technologie, the regional centre of the Fraunhoffer Institute (Germany's primary public R&D organisation), to examine the application of natural structures in HOEs.
The Fraunhoffer Institute of Germany was selected to develop a special digital coding and compression software for the receivers.
A new generation of portable radio which can receive not only conventional AM, FM and short-wave broadcasts but also satellite radio signals is currently being developed by the Fraunhoffer Institute for Integrated Circuits in Erlangen Germany.
"At first we did not think it could be done," admits Dr Karl-Heinz Brandenburg, a specialist in digital radio at the Fraunhoffer Institute.

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