Frederick Douglass National Historic Site

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Frederick Douglass National Historic Site

Address:1900 Anacostia Dr SE
Washington, DC 20020

Size: 8.5 acres.
Established: Authorized on September 5, 1962, as Frederick Douglass Home; redesignated on February 12, 1988.
Location:On 'W' Street in Washington, DC.
Facilities:Picnic area, rest rooms (é), bicycle trail, visitor center (é), museum/exhibit, self-guided tour/trail.
Activities:Guided tour.
Special Features:From 1877 to 1895, this was the home of the Nation's leading 19th-century black spokesman. Among his achievements included his efforts to abolish slavery and his struggle for rights for all oppressed people. He also served as US Marshal for the District of Columbia and held diplomatic positions in Haiti and the Dominican Republic.

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The regal white oak that graces the lawn of the Frederick Douglass House in Anacostia stands 100 feet tall and measures 148 inches around, making it the biggest tree measured so far.
Yet, somehow, all of those stops the Amistad replica in New Haven, the Frederick Douglass House in Washington, D.C., New York's Apollo Theater, among others--help Sienna to understand that learning about our history can be fun after all.
The historical figures of Douglass and Brown are recognized in the name of the slave quarters, the "Frederick Douglass houses" (p.

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