Frederick the Fair

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Frederick the Fair,

c.1286–1330, German antiking (1314–26), duke of Austria, son of Albert I, German king. On the death of Henry VII, Holy Roman emperor and German king, the split between the supporters of the houses of Hapsburg and Luxemburg resulted in the dual election (1314) of Frederick and Louis of Bavaria (Holy Roman Emperor Louis IVLouis IV
or Louis the Bavarian,
1287?–1347, Holy Roman emperor (1328–47) and German king (1314–47), duke of Upper Bavaria. After the death of Holy Roman Emperor Henry VII the Luxemburg party among the electors set aside Henry's son, John of Luxemburg,
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). War ensued and Frederick and his supporters were defeated (1322) by Louis at Mühldorf. However, the pope refused to confirm Louis as Holy Roman emperor, and Frederick remained a possible rival until his death.
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