Frederik Hjalmar Johansen

Johansen, Frederik Hjalmar


Born May 15, 1867, in Skien, Norway; died Jan. 6, 1913, in Christiania (Oslo). Norwegian polar explorer.

In 1893–96, Johansen took part in F. Nansen’s arctic expedition on the drifting vessel Fram. Accompanying Nansen, he traveled by skis over the drift ice to 86°14’ N lat., which was a record in the advance toward the North Pole. In 1910–12 he participated in R. Amundsen’s expedition to the South Pole; he spent the winter at Framheim, the expedition’s antarctic base on the Ross Ice Shelf. A cape on Zemlia Georga (Zemlia Frantsa-Iosifa) and a cape on Nansen Island (Nordenskjold Archipelago) were named after Johansen.


In Russian translation:
Sam-drug pod 86° 14’: Zapiski uchastnika ekspeditsii na “Frame.” St. Petersburg, 1898.
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