Free Flight

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free flight

[′frē ‚flīt]
Unconstrained or unassisted flight.
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Free Flight


the part of a spacecraft’s flight that occurs after the rocket engines are shut off. The motion of a spacecraft in free flight is influenced by the gravitational attraction of the earth, moon, sun, and planets, by the resistance of the upper rarefied layers of the atmosphere, and by other factors.

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While generating publicity around its ploy, it probably won't end up giving out many free flights.
The purpose of Experiment 2 was to provide baseline data against which the visual and cognitive workload of the CDTI and decision-making responsibilities of free flight, as revealed in Experiment 1, could be compared.
Advocates such as Cotton say that free flight is being implemented much too slowly.
"Walt Riker, Dole's press secretary, then called me to complain that the Star was writing a story critical of Dole, but had taken a free flight with Dole and now is trying to clear the record seven months after the fact," McGuff wrote.
"Our rankings highlight the programs that make it easy to earn free flights or hotel stays and offer plenty of reward options and perks that travelers value, such as upgrades, free checked bags and priority boarding access."
Customers get free flights by collecting points each time they use the same airline.
In free flight you have a preset amount of time to explore and discover as many points of interest as you can, while Mission mode offers 40 fun but easily accomplished challenges that see you take to the skies in a hang-glider, biplane and a jet pack.
<p>British Airways (LSE:BAY) today announced the launch of its Face-to-Face Program which offers US entrepreneurs and small business owners the chance to compete and win a free flight.</p><p>As part of the campaign British Airways will award 250 small businesses the opportunity to travel to London and beyond through the British Airways Face of Opportunity contest.</p><p>Any small business owner or entrepreneur with a clear business need for international exposure is invited to compete for a free flight from the airline.</p>
Freddie, accompanied by his two glamorous assistants, will visit locations across the city centre giving people the chance to pull out a free flight from a bag of golden tickets.
While tens of thousands of teenagers will be celebrating their passes, the airline has invited any student with a U-grade to turn up with their results slip at Bar Risa in Birmingham's Broad Street and collect a free flight.
TO mark the launch of their new Glasgow Prestwick routes to Shannon from December 4 and to Milan, from January 7, we've arranged another fantastic FREE FLIGHT GIVEAWAY with Ryanair ``the low fares airline''.