Free Flight

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free flight

[′frē ‚flīt]
Unconstrained or unassisted flight.

Free Flight


the part of a spacecraft’s flight that occurs after the rocket engines are shut off. The motion of a spacecraft in free flight is influenced by the gravitational attraction of the earth, moon, sun, and planets, by the resistance of the upper rarefied layers of the atmosphere, and by other factors.

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com will be handing out 20,000 free flights worth more than pounds 2m this Friday.
A "delighted" BA spokesman said Stephen would now be offered two free flights as a reward.
An existing Afghanistan programme which offers free flights and a cash handout began in August 2002 but has only been taken up by 100 people.
First, yes, you do have to place a bet for pounds 1 to be eligible for a free flight.
Members of the Whizz Kidz team, who must each pledge at least pounds 1,500 in sponsorship, get a free flight to New York, a helicopter flight over Manhattan, entry to the marathon on November 7 and training support.
The deal will run through 28 February 2007 and allows passengers to earn a free flight after only three paid round trip flights, as compared with the 15 flights and 15,000 EarlyReturns miles that would normally earn passengers a free flight between the two cities.
On Friday we'll print the final letter, plus full details of how to claim your free flight.
GET set to jet off with Scotland's biggestever FREE FLIGHT GIVEAWAY with Ryanair ``the low fares airline''.
To find your free flight simply Enter your details and password in the boxes provided n Choose your outbound flight, then search for a free return flight You will find more availability of free flights returning to Coventry on a Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.