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e-mail interfaces

After an e-mail account has been established with an ISP, a Web-based e-mail service or the corporate mail server, there are two software approaches for actually sending and receiving messages.

The first method is to use the e-mail program already installed in your computer or one that you install yourself, and the second way is to use a Web browser on any computer. Very often, mail can be sent and received on the same service via both methods as summarized below.

Method 1 - Installed Program - Tied to a Computer
The use of an e-mail program installed in the user's computer, such as Windows Mail, Mac Mail or Outlook, is the legacy approach, but one which generally offers the most advanced features. Called an "e-mail client," the disadvantage is that the e-mail interface a person becomes familiar with is tied to the machine the software is installed in. To send and retrieve mail from a different computer using that same application, one has to configure the mail server settings in the other computer, as well as import the address book, mailboxes, boilerplate and signatures from the first computer.

Method 2 - Webmail - From Anywhere
Also called "online e-mail" or "cloud mail," Webmail is a Web-based e-mail service from Google, Yahoo, Microsoft and other providers that is accessible via the Web. The distinct advantage is that after the account is set up, messages can be sent and retrieved from any Web browser in any computer or mobile device by logging into the Webmail site with username and password. Even if you prefer to use the mail client in your computer, having Webmail as an option enables access from any computing venue.

Free May Have Limitations
Free Web-based e-mail services are supported by advertising and may have limits such as a cap on the number of messages you can save or the size of attachments. Paid versions with greater storage and fewer restrictions are generally an option.

Keep Your E-Mail Address Forever!
If you change your Web-based e-mail provider, you have a change-of-address problem and have to notify everyone you wish to stay in contact with. The way to solve that for good is to register your own domain name and have an Internet service provider (ISP) host your mail service so that me@myname.com is yours permanently even if you switch to another ISP. To access your mail, you would use your favorite e-mail client program, the Web-based mail offered by the ISP or both. See e-mail service, e-mail domain, POP3 and IMAP4.
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Only 30 free mail messages are allowed per month, with additional messages priced at 25 cents each.
(A telling indication: Most papers treated General Schwarzkopf's efforts to get free mail for his troops and his redesign of their boots as quaint little sidebar items-whereas soldiers know that on deployment overseas you live in your boots and mail is your principal form of entertainment, so in fact these actions of Schwarzkopf's said quite a lot about him as a field commander.
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Free mail services such as Hotmail and Yahoo allow users to send and receive e-mails from any computer in the world.
This free mail perk, created by the Continental Congress in 1775, was intended primarily for intergovernmental mail and individual correspondence with constituents--helping a pensioner locate a lost government check, or answering a complaint.
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