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Andrew Clemence, an organizer of the ''Nuclear Free Seas Flotilla'' campaign, said they were campaigning against the shipment because of the risk of an accident or terrorist attack on the cargo.
This transformation brought with it free seas and open access, each with somewhat different referents: freedom of the oceans or high seas, on the one hand, and open access (`public rights') to state territorial seas, on the other.
Protestors have chained themselves to warships and piers, conducted a swim-in around a warship and a sing-in at a base, boarded a sub, chased a sub around a harbour, and scaled the cables of a suspension bridge to a height of 100 metres to unfurl a huge banner proclaiming "Nuclear Free Seas."
Araqchi said different factors have contributed to Iran's growing influence, including Iran's military power and defense preparedness, geographical position, Iran's neighbors, territorial stretch, lengthy borders, access to free seas, financial feedback, economic power and trade and industrial capacities as well as foreign policy.
"We need more volunteers than ever," said David Pittenger, director of the Trash Free Seas program of the Ocean Conservancy.