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(also filibuster, buccaneer), a sea-going pirate who in the 17th century plundered mainly Spanish ships and colonies in the Americas.

In the 1620’s freebooters controlled the island of St. Christopher (St. Kitts), which became their first base of operations, and in the 1630’s they controlled part of Hispaniola. The freebooters were predominantly English, French, and Dutch. England and France made use of the freebooters in their rivalry with Spain for conquest in the colonies. In 1671, under the leadership of the Englishman H. Morgan, they captured the city of Panama and proceeded to attack the Spanish holdings along the entire Pacific coast. In the 1680’s freebooters captured and plundered Veracruz and several other cities in Mexico, as well as several cities in Peru. The depredations of the freebooters helped weaken the ties between Spain and her American colonies and seriously damaged her maritime power.

In the 19th century the term “filibusters” was applied to North American adventurers who attacked the countries of South and Central America—for example, W. Walker’s incursions in the 1850’s into Mexico and the countries of Central America.

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Weber contrasted this asceticism with the simple lust of the freebooter, who strove for the benefits of riches.
Also included is the first English translation of the Middle Hittite "Indictment of Madduwatta," a slippery freebooter who attempted to use the mutual hostility of Hittites, Arzawans, Greeks, and others to aggrandize himself.
Few successes will have given Beaumont greater pleasure, and he said: "I watched the race with Monica Dickinson in the Freebooter Room and we are still out of breath!
Lover's introductory note tells us: "Many legends are extant of this romantic minstrel freebooter, whose predatory achievements sometimes extended to the hearts of the gentle sex." Were it not for this mention of Ned as a "freebooter," we would know him from this text as simply a minstrel pursuing his "Lady love." Even the term "freebooter" skirts the political significance of his life as a seditious rapparee.
It is fascinating to read of the philosophical foundations of much of the current `atomistic autonomous freebooter liberal fantasies' (p.
"To achieve their anti-patriotic and irresponsible aims, they have resorted to....lies, demagogy, and filibusterism." In Costa Rica the word filibuster refers to US freebooter William Walker who tried to take over Central America in 1856.
Bluecrest Freebooter (Phone: 44-1472-24242; Fax: 44-1472349938), a UK-headquartered subsidiary of the Booker Fish Division, has come out with a new assortment of frozen convenience dishes, many of which have been developed specifically to suit the tastes of consumers in the French market.
With "pillage and murder his usual trades" and "a troop of thieves and vagabonds" (T1, 4.1.6, 66), the "sturdy Scythian thief, / That robs your merchants of Persepolis / Treading by land unto the Western Isles" (T1, 1.1.35-38), embodies the ambiguity of the freebooter for a culture in which raiding and trading were modes of the same enterprise.(38) An antique "curtle-axe" in his belt, Tamburlaine begins as a Robin Hood, who vows, like Shakespeare's bandits, never to prosper "by lawless rapine from a silly maid" (T1, 1.2.9-10, 43); but his privateering promotes him into a blockade-runner for England's eastern enterprise: "The only fear and terror of the cruel pirates of Argier, / That damned train, the scum of Africa" (T1, 3.3.55-56).
Armstrong's Last Goodnight (1964), written in lowland Scots vernacular, dramatized the struggle between a courtier and a freebooter, pointing up resemblances between the play's 16th-century Scottish setting and the contemporary Congo.
This is a traditional highlight of the northern jumping calendar, with names such as E.S.B., Freebooter, Freddie, Nicolaus Silver and Bregawn on its roll of honour, and last season's Cheltenham Gold Cup fourth Holywell lends a touch of class to today's field, attracted by the rare appearance of the word 'good' in the going description during this long, wet winter.
Shroud; 14 Tongue; 15 Freebooter; 11 Thirteen; 13 Opening; 14 Further lack of faith in Wales was exemplified by the Silk Commission on Devolution for Wales, when one of the members asked why corporation taxes were not to be devolved.