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Reacting, PDP stated that Kanu is not a freedom fighter but a businessman out to make money from Igbo politicians and businessmen.
"He will remain a freedom fighter whose portrait adorns the Parliament.
A few individuals who tried to research on the Mau Mau like Maina Wa Kinyatii were jailed," says Kimani Waweru, the in-charge at Ukombozi Library, which is collaborating with the Mau Mau Research Centre in a new effort to tell the freedom fighters' story.
LAHORE -- The Bhagat Singh Memorial Foundation held a candlelit vigil in connection with the 88th death anniversary of freedom fighter Bhagat Singh at Shadman Chowk here on Saturday.
Freedom fighters who migrated to these regions after the March 1 Independence Movement teamed up with local Korean groups and launched an armed resistance against Japan.
According to the Kashmiri police, of the 250 known freedom fighters, only 50 or so are from Pakistan.
Wanjugu said some administrative and political leaders have labelled the programme a scam, dampening the spirit of the freedom fighters who she said have been waiting for the government to assist them in vain.
Bullets can never suppress unarmed brave Freedom Fighters. Indian Army must respect ethics of professional soldiering,' the DG ISPR wrote.
ISLAMABAD -- Federal Information Minister Fawad Chaudhry said on Monday that postal stamp of Burhan Wani reflects the view that Pakistan considers him a freedom fighter.
On the other hand, Malaysian freedom fighters won independence for the country from the British colonists without the use of force.
The artists at cultural show paid tribute to freedom fighters of Kashmir by presenting Kashmiri popular folk music and songs.
The official said letters written by Singh from jail to his father besides books, newspapers, records of the hotels where he and other freedom fighters stayed when underground are also to be included in the exhibition.

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