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On Martyrs' Day, we gratefully remember Mahatma Gandhi and the countless freedom fighters who sacrificed their all for our Independence," tweeted President Kovind.
He alleged that Kahengeri was not a true freedom fighter.
Valiant freedom fighter Taraman Bibi will get allowance under "Bir Pratik" category, he said.
Government of India introduced in 1969, the 'Ex-Andaman Political Prisoners Pension Scheme' to honour the freedom fighters who had been incarcerated in the Cellular Jail at Port Blair.
Muralidhar said that it was a special initiative to help the crowd coming into the stadium gain knowledge about one of the greatest freedom fighters.
Mayor of Stepanakert Suren Grigoryan, NKR deputy defense minister, chairman of the Artsakh Union of Freedom Fighters
Freedom Fighters of America was born out of all the lies and deceit of our elected officials.
Participants in the event lauded the heroic battles waged by freedom fighters against French colonialism, affirming that the creed of these freedom fighters managed to foil all the colonial plots aiming to divide Syria and pillage its resources.
The company believes that each festival gives us a message, and the national festivals, like Republic Day and Independence Day inspire us to think about the sacrifices the freedom fighters have done for freedom of our country.
The best solution to arms is to educate people through television programmes so that freedom fighters and weapons carriers understand the direct damage being caused.
The freedom fighters face a government with superior firepower and resources but they achieved a financial breakthrough on May 9, selling oil worth $100m paid for through a Qatari bank in US dollars, a member of their oil and gas support group said.
It was in this country that freedom fighters once rose to fight oppression, challenging and eventually defeating Apartheid.

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