Freedom of Association

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Freedom of Association


the right of working people to establish and to join trade unions; also, the freedom of action of the trade unions themselves. The chief meaning of freedom of association is to provide organizations of working people in the capitalist countries with the opportunity to defend the interests of workers and other exploited groups without interference by state authorities or employers’ associations.

Owing to the efforts of the USSR and the other socialist countries, as well as of workers’ organizations of all countries, freedom of association has been internationally recognized. It has been established in such UN documents as the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (1948), the Covenant on Economic, Social, and Cultural Rights, and a number of conventions of the International Labor Organization, including the Freedom of Association Convention and the Right to Organize, and the Right to Organize and Collective Bargaining Convention. These documents declare that working people have the right to establish their own organizations without preliminary approval, to elect their own representatives freely, and to formulate programs of action and create federations and confederations.

In actuality, the freedom of association of working people is often limited and violated in the capitalist countries. At the same time, the bourgeoisie attempts to use existing laws on freedom of association to strengthen the influence of employers’ associations, arguing that any guarantees won by workers’ organizations should automatically apply to employers’ associations as well. The demands of trade unions with respect to freedom of association were formulated in the Charter of the Rights of Trade Unions and Socioeconomic Demands of the Workers of the Capitalist Countries in the Current Phase, adopted at the Eighth World Congress of Trade Unions (October 1973).

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Another important aspect of these cases that can be celebrated by the labour movement is the change in what constitutes a violation of freedom of association.
The central question in these debates is how to respect the rights of military personnel to have freedom of association and assembly, while at the same time, meeting the needs and legitimate concerns of the military, given its unique function.
account of freedom of association and then explicating the common law of
Over the life of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, (2) there has been an evolution in the court's view of freedom of association in the workplace--from the Labour Trilogy (3) to Delisle v Canada (Deputy Attorney General); (4) to the second labour trilogy of Dunmore v Ontario (Attorney General); (5) Health Services and Support--Facilities, Subsector Bargaining Assn v British Columbia (BC Health) (6) and Ontario (Attorney General) v Fraser; (7) to the cases that have followed, (8) most recently in R v Saskatchewan Federation of Labour,9 We fear that over this period, inattention to the grammar of law has undermined a coherent approach to freedom of association.
But beyond defending the right to unionize, updated policies are needed to expand the freedom of association to reflect the way people work today.
Of particular interest is the allegation that the new legislation violates Charter section 2(d) freedom of association.
They should send a strong warning to Erdoy-an stop targeting free enterprises, freedom of association and freedom of the press and the separation of powers.
The first outlines the historical evolution of international norms governing the right to freedom of association, the right to collective bargaining, and the right to collective action, including the right to strike.
Among significant issues undertaken by the ministry is training in freedom of expression and freedom of association, principles of fair trial and the promotion of rules of inspection of judicial institutions and places of detention.
With an additional budget of P286 million, the new system covers the joint assessment of compliance of general labor standards, safety and health, child labor, freedom of association, collective bargaining and maritime labor regulations consistent with the ILO Maritime Labor Convention, 2006," she added.
As outlined in Nike's Code of Conduct, Nike requires its contract manufacturers to respect their employees' rights to freedom of association," the US-based company said in a statement.
In addition to harassing political opponents, President Hugo Chavez's government systematically undermined journalistic freedom of expression, workers' freedom of association, and the ability of human rights groups to promote human rights.

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