Freedoms, Democratic

Freedoms, Democratic


political and legal norms determining the position of the individual in the state.

Political democratic freedoms include freedom of speech, freedom of the press, and freedom of assembly, which includes freedom to hold meetings, marches, and demonstrations. Personal democratic freedoms include inviolability of person and home; privacy of correspondence, telephone conversations, and telegraphic communications; and freedom of conscience, or the right to profess or to decline to profess religious beliefs.

Bourgeois constitutions and laws proclaim democratic freedoms but do not generally provide effective guarantees. The government has emergency powers to suspend or nullify various articles of the constitution that establish democratic freedoms.

In the socialist countries the law not only recognizes the democratic freedoms of citizens but also provides material and legal guarantees for exercising them. [23–255–2; revised by the Soviet editors]

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This is, in part, because the government has decided to expand the program's funding from language and equality rights to include the Charter's fundamental freedoms, democratic rights, and life, liberty, and security of the person.
The USs enduring Constitutions enshrines basic freedoms, democratic representation, equality before the law and inalienable human rights.
I wonder in what stage of history this era in which the AKP government and Erdoy-an regime love tagging as New Turkey fits despite its discourse and acts violating universal legal rules, fundamental human rights and freedoms, democratic norms and the notion of the rule of law?
It mentioned that the regime intentionally ignored issues of freedoms, democratic transformation, pluralism, decentralization, identity, and balanced development which represent the top priority for resolving Sudan's comprehensive crisis.
The European Parliament, in a non-binding resolution, urged the EU in March to "not grant any budgetary support to the Egyptian authorities if no major progress is made regarding respect for human rights and freedoms, democratic governance and the rule of law".
org/report-types/freedom-world) Freedom House's Freedom in the World Index , South Africa is rated a 'free' country, because of its respect for civil and politicial freedoms, democratic principles and human rights.
The demonstrators demands are clear, as they demand to liberate their city from those who had been imposed on them, carrying agendas that aim at transferring the Iraqi capital into a religious city, canceling its civilian nature, despite fact that they and the parties that brought them are jointly responsible to achieve their commitments to respect the constitution, that confirms necessity to respect freedoms, democratic principles and human rights," she said.
Turkey is today a country where freedoms, democratic and cultural rights, freedom of expression have broadened and where people enjoy more contemporary standards," Erdogan also said.
Among the other issues discussed were the respect for human rights, fundamental freedoms, democratic values and the rule of law based on an independent and impartial judiciary in Ukraine.
It is impossible for a judicious man to trust what JMP members say about the Constitution, law, public freedoms, democratic practice and human rights as long as these parties and their newspapers escape condemning the terrorist groups that are attempting to destroy the Constitution and law, confiscate freedoms and human rights and oppress women.
A seemingly counterintuitive finding was that European Muslims not only accepted but also welcomed the freedoms, democratic institutions, justice and human rights that characterize their societies.
Individual Freedoms, Democratic Participation, and Other Cultures focuses on the rights and responsibilities of the individual, and examines whether the principles of individual liberty are compatible with the values of other nations.