Freight Yard

Freight Yard


a part of a railroad station featuring a complex of equipment and structures for the receiving, loading, unloading, and sorting of cargo and its short-term storage. Depending on the volume and structure of the freight flow, a freight yard may be either general or specialized according to the type of freight that can be accommodated. The complex of structures found at a mechanized freight yard includes shed-type warehouses served by railroad lines, mechanized open shops for the handling of containers and other cargo, trestle approaches, and elevated rail lines for the handling of bulk loads. A freight yard has equipment for determining the weight of a load, checking the dimensions of a shipment, communications facilities, water supplies, lighting, and fire-fighting equipment. At large stations the optimum spacing of rolling stock for loading and unloading and also of motor vehicles for centralized cargo handling is carried out with the aid of computers. A freight yard’s facilities include a store office; an information office; a freight-yard office; employee facilities; repair shops; garages; gantry, overhead, and jib cranes; electrical and motorized loaders; and other equipment for mechanized freight-handling and warehousing operations.


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1 million project will be built on a vacant freight yard near the Connecticut border.
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Even more heartbreaking is the discovery that his father has lied to him about losing Cody, for a friend tells him that his father abandoned Cody at the Biller City Freight Yard after removing his collar and tags.
and the Cambridge Freight Yard in Cambridge, NY, where the focus shifted to "Local Sustainability in the Battenkill Valley," beginning with a panel chaired by Todd DeGarmo, founding director of Crandall Public Library's Folklife Center.
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Whereas small cities had only one railway freight yard, the situation was completely different in big cities, which might have several terminal stations in the city centre.
An InterContinental brand hotel will open in the spring of 2013 at a former freight yard site adjacent to the north side of West Japan Railway Co.
After his fall the train then travelled to the Foster Yeoman freight yard in Westbury where workers made the grizzly discovery when they unloaded the train the following day.
Wednesday at the east end of the Union Pacific freight yard, according to Eugene police.
Among those railroads featured are the Missouri Pacific (Mo-Pac), Burlington Northern, Chicago & North Western, CN Rail, and AAR freight yard safety, railroad competition and federal law, special-duty cars and container trains, and how to handle dangerous trains featuring the new York Central.
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Ken Sibley, MEDC president, said economic developers were working with the Union Pacific Railroad and the city of McNeil, where full and empty freight cars that would serve the proposed mill would be stored in Union Pacific's freight yard.