Freight elevator

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Freight elevator

In a building, an elevator with an extra heavy platform, reinforced side braces to keep the platform from tipping, extra rigid car frames, and additional guide-rail brackets to anchor the guide rails more securely to the building structure; used for transferring freight from one floor level to another.
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freight elevator, (Brit.) goods lift

An elevator used for carrying freight, on which only the operator and the persons necessary for unloading and loading the freight are permitted to ride.
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405, sponsored which requires that office buildings, in addition to providing bicycle access in freight elevators, provide foldable bicycle access in passenger elevators.
High-capacity loading docks, eight freight elevators, two large passenger elevators, high ceilings, 24-hour access and security, indoor parking and other modern amenities have made the facility a popular destination for relocating businesses from Manhattan and other boroughs, as have the Economic Development Corporation's generous tax incentives.
As part of the lease transaction, the landlord has agreed to install a new freight elevator on the New Street side of the building, which will stop on both the Broadway and mezzanine levels, thus creating an efficient means of moving goods into the new Daffy's store.
"But we knew it would be attractive to a user such as a contractor or production company who needed quick access to transportation and highways and who could benefit from strong floor loads, a large freight elevator, good air and fight and two overhead garage doors with street curb cuts.

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