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(1) A party to a contract of forwarding agency. In the USSR, the forwarder is a socialist organization—such as a forwarding agency, an office of automotive, railroad, or inland-water transportation, a seaport, a forwarding organization of the executive committee of a local soviet or of a consumer cooperative system, or one of several other organizations whose charters provide for forwarding.

(2) A worker in an enterprise or organization who, in accordance with a labor contract, receives goods, accompanies them in transport and delivery, or signs shipping documents.

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** Participating carriers, freight forwarders, commercial sources (e.g., contractors, vendors), and FMS purchasers
This article therefore contends that shippers and freight forwarders might have differing service needs, which can be used to segment markets and target marketing strategy.
Like Haggin, the best freight forwarders are problem solvers and full-scale international business advisers.
And the fact that 92 percent of the firms that responded to Transportation and Distribution magazine's survey said that they enlist the services of an international freight forwarder, is a definite confirmation of their widespread popularity in global trade.
Unlike the international freight forwarder, who only acts as an agent for the shipper, the NVOCC is itself the prime carrier.
Freight forwarders must be sponsored for a security clearance like other contractors.
4 The cloud will continue reducing the technological divide: Cloud-based tracking and management solutions are now providing small-and medium-sized freight forwarders with access to services that, until very recently, were only available to the big players.
The Roadshow consisted of awareness sessions, dialogues and consultations with overseas Filipinos as individuals, associations or organizations, embassy and consular officials, foreign service officers, overseas welfare officers, and, legitimate freight forwarders on the problem on hand, fraudulent activities, actual and resolved cases, assistance programs, and, promotional materials.
'If you go back to the Act, you will see that the training of freight forwarders is utmost.
Thereby, ETL categorically denies any involvement with the said shipments in a role that is by any means beyond the role of a 'freight forwarder'.
FreightBro, India's first freight forwarder facing platform, recently signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the National Association of Freight and Logistics (NAFL) Dubai, to help their 400+ members to digitise their services.

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