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(frē`mŏnt). 1 City (1990 pop. 173,339), Alameda co., W Calif., on San Francisco Bay; inc. 1956. Long an agricultural center, with champagne vineyards founded (1870) by Leland StanfordStanford, Leland,
1824–93, American railroad builder, politician, and philanthropist, b. Watervliet, N.Y. After practicing law in Wisconsin, he went (1852) to California, where he became a successful merchant.
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, it still ships fruits and vegetables. Its economy was transformed in the 1960s, however, after General Motors opened a huge automobile assembly plant, later part of a joint venture with Toyota Motor Corp. Toyota closed the plant in 2010; Tesla Motors is now located there. With the addition of computer, semiconductor, and electronics industries, Fremont became one of the fastest growing U.S. cities. Mission San Jose de Guadalupe (1797) has been restored as a museum. The city is home to the California School for the Deaf and a large aquatic park.

2 City (1990 pop. 23,680), seat of Dodge co., E central Nebr., on the Platte River; inc. 1858. It is a trade, shipping, and processing center for a grain-growing, dairying, and grazing prairie area. Midland Lutheran College is there.

3 City (1990 pop. 17,648), seat of Sandusky co., N Ohio, on the Sandusky River; inc. 1849. It is a trade and industrial center in an agricultural region specializing in sugar-beet processing and canning. The battle of Fort Stephenson was fought there (1813) during the War of 1812. Shipbuilding was an early industry. The house and tomb of President Rutherford B. Hayes (a state memorial) are in Spiegel Grove State Park.

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Fremont was born out of wedlock in Savannah, Georgia, in 1813, and his French father died when he was only four.
Under the terms of the agreement, iStar will acquire Fremont General's California-based commercial real estate lending business and will retain a 30 percent B-participation interest, with a $2.
Fremont Investment & Loan is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Fremont General Corporation (FMT:NYSE).
Along with Poinsett and Nicollet, Fremont also gained influential connections when he married the daughter of Missouri senator Thomas Hart Benton.
Hill tried to get one final shot off for Cleveland, but two Fremont players swiped hard at the ball to knock it away just as he sliced toward the basket.
Jessie Ann Benton Fremont was born to Elizabeth McDowell and her husband, the popular Senator Thomas Hart Benton of Missouri, on May 31, 1824, on the McDowell family plantation in Virginia.
Roberts' book primarily concentrates on the various western expeditions led by Fremont and the interactive relationship between himself and Carson.
During the third quarter, Fremont General posted an $85.
The explorer's wife, Jessie Benton Fremont, rewrote and edited his original notes, and the report produced by their collaboration quickly became popular among emigrants and provided a stimulus to western movement.
Fremont also stepped in to assist Weststone USA, a Phoenix based development firm controlled by Brian Regehr with construction financing for the 134-unit Northshore Condominiums located on the shore of Tempe Town Lake in Tempe, AZ.
Fremont lost to Compton Centennial of Los Angeles by 35 points and Taft by 17.