French Alliance

French Alliance


(in Russian, American-French Treaty of 1778), a treaty signed on Feb. 6, 1778, in Paris during the revolutionary war of the 13 North American colonies against England.

The treaty was concluded after lengthy negotiations between B. Franklin and the French foreign minister, C.Ver-gennes. In signing the treaty, France pledged to defend the “freedom, sovereignty, and independence” of the USA and not to lay down arms until England recognized the independence of the USA (arts. 2 and 8). The American-French treaty brought France into war with England, which was its chief rival in trade and in the fight for colonies. The treaty was a victory of the young American diplomacy, which skillfully utilized the contradictions between the European colonial powers to defeat England. It lapsed, in effect, in 1794 when the USA declared its neutrality in the war between France and a coalition of European powers headed by England.


The Treaties of 1778 and Allied Documents. Edited by G. Chinard. Baltimore, 1928.
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They raised the issues of learning the French language in the education institutions of Kyrgyzstan, activities of the French Alliance in Bishkek, as well as the interuniversity cooperation of the two countries.
Ghosn came from Nissan's French alliance partner Renault SA in 1999 to lead a turnaround at a near-bankrupt Nissan.
Palmer who moved to Aston Martin from Nissan was called a shadow CEO to Carlos Ghosn, the head of Nissan and its French alliance partner, Renault.
Books of condolence are also open at the French Embassy in Dublin and the French Alliance Offices in Dublin and Limerick.
Foreign Minister of Uzbekistan Abdulaziz Kamilov and Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Development of France Laurent Fabius signed the intergovernmental agreement on establishment and terms of operation of the French Alliance in Tashkent and cooperation in health care following the talks on November 7 in Paris.
Free Tango is a project supported by the French Alliance Foundation and has toured Latin America (Colombia, Ecuador, Argentina, and Uruguay) and performed at Festival de Tango de Medellin and at Buenos Aires Tango.
These migratory Algonquians comprised the nucleus of the French alliance in the western Great Lakes, because the French provided European trade goods and physical protection in exchange for their loyalty in the fur trade.
The German Forum and the French Alliance for Sustainable Palm Oil were officially launched on 2 September on the eve of the first European Summit on Sustainable Palm Oil, organised by the Round Table for Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) in Berlin.
and its French alliance partner Renault SA said Tuesday they have sold a combined 100,000 electric vehicles globally.
Tickets are also available at the French alliance on 17683295.
There have been rumours that GM could set up a joint venture with French alliance partner PSA Peugeot Citroen SA (EPA:UG) to hold Opela[euro](tm)s assets, or sell the entire unit.
5 million units of electronic vehicles globally together with its French alliance partner Renault SA by the end of 2016.

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