French Broad River

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French Broad River,

210 mi (338 km) long, rising in the Blue Ridge Mts., W N.C., and flowing N and then NW to Knoxville, E Tenn., where it joins with the Holston to form the Tennessee River. The French Broad River was an important settlers' route from the southeast coastal states into Tennessee during the colonial period. On the river is Douglas Dam, part of the Tennessee Valley AuthorityTennessee Valley Authority
(TVA), independent U.S. government corporate agency, created in 1933 by act of Congress; it is responsible for the integrated development of the Tennessee River basin.
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, forming Lake Douglas, which is used for flood control.
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shoals in the French Broad River were two to four times longer and wider than shoals in the Hiwassee River.
Each participant will create a short story (20 pages) about a subject relevant to life in the French Broad River Valley during the Frontier period of Westerly migration of Germans and Scots-Irish.
On Action Saturday, citizens rolled up their shirt sleeves to participate in 14 hands-on sustainability projects around the city, including installing a green roof and rainwater catchment system at Isaac Dickson Elementary, building a cob tool shed at Vance Elementary, removing invasive planes and trash from the French Broad River, constructing a living willow structure at the YWCA, and working with youth to weatherize homes and churches on Burton Street.
4 km to the confluence with the French Broad River at Knoxville, Knox County, where they form the Tennessee River.
The Aquarium's current project to spawn and rear lake sturgeon for reintroduction into a portion of the species' former range, the lower French Broad River in Tennessee, demonstrates the long-term commitment of the Aquarium to aid in the conservation of southeastern native fish.
COCKE/JEFFERSON COUNTY, US 25/SR 32 Walters Bridge over the French Broad River: Starting on Monday, September 26th, all traffic on State Route 32 (US 25E) over the French Broad River (Log Mile 31.
Being on the team of folks that put together a grant to study 1-26 to seek a better bridge and site design for the area of the connector at the French Broad River was very fulfilling.
An easier trip is the gentle French Broad River, where you can also canoe.
25-East over the French Broad River in Jefferson and Cocke counties in eastern Tennessee.
Nearby is the raft-friendly French Broad River and easy access to the Appalachian Trail, along with many other trails suitable for day hiking.
A long the Clingman Avenue corridor between downtown Asheville and the French Broad River, you'll find something unique.
Exactly 100 years after Jordan's initial discovery, the North Fork Holston, Tellico and French Broad rivers receive the NEP designation for yellowfin madtom thanks to the tireless efforts of USFWS Biologist Richard Biggins.