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French bulldog,

breed of small, alert nonsporting dognonsporting dog,
classification used by breeders and kennel clubs to designate dogs that may formerly have been bred to hunt or work but that are now raised chiefly as house pets and companions.
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 with batlike ears, developed in France in the second half of the 19th cent. It stands about 12 in. (30.4 cm) high at the shoulder and weighs from 19 to 28 lb (8.6–12.7 kg). Its short, smooth coat may be brindle, fawn, white, or brindle and white in color. The French bulldog descends from a toy variety of the English bulldog. These toys were not popular in England, and in the mid-19th cent. many were shipped to France, where they were crossed with native breeds. The French bulldog was much desired as a pet in fashionable circles, both in France and in the United States, in the early 20th cent. In recent times it has become popular as a house pet and companion. See dogdog,
carnivorous, domesticated wolf (Canis lupus familiaris) of the family Canidae, to which the jackal and fox also belong. The family Canidae is sometimes referred to as the dog family, and its characteristics, e.g.
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The theft of French Bulldogs is on the rise, according to police figures GRETEL ENSIGNIA
bulldog We see a lot of Pugs, French bulldogs and other flat-faced breeds at the practice and this shows no signs of waning.
BETWEEN 2015 AND 2017 841puppies were intercepted on their way into Great Britain 671of those were deemed illegal and were seized and quarantined 80% of those found to be illegal were: The average price paid for each puppy in Great Britain PS1,000 PS1,570 PS880 Dachshunds French bulldogs and Pugs spent an average of PS849per smuggled puppy on medical costs quarantine rehoming But 40puppies died before they could be rehomed due to poor breeding, illness, and conditions of travel
Lindsey, a former breeder who has a French bulldog and a Boston Terrier of her own, set up French Bulldog Saviours in 2013.
Officers also found a litter of Chow Chows who were 11 weeks under the minimum selling age and three French Bulldogs so young they could fit in a small dog bowl were also rescued.
In this retrospective study, we evaluated the occurrence of various types of vertebral anomalies in each spinal segment, gender predisposition, and occurrence of neurological signs in French Bulldogs admitted between the years 2011-2016.
And I do hope you make it to the Bells without snoring like a French bulldog.
The disease, most commonly seen in Boxers and French Bulldogs, is characterized by persistent bloody diarrhea, weight loss, anemia, low protein and chronic debilitation.
Heidi splits her time between New York City and Kansas City, loves Jeeps, BBQ, travel and her two French bulldogs.
He ended up with a series of sweats embossed with Cocker Spaniels, French Bulldogs and his very own beloved puppy.
Owner Linda Hancock feared her prized French bulldogs were dead when she woke up to find her shed burning, in Glan Conwy.
Producing thousands of pounds for backstreet breeders every year, flatterfaced dogs like French bulldogs and pugs are becoming increasingly popular.