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French Community,

established in 1958 by the constitution of the Fifth French Republic to replace the French UnionFrench Union,
1946–58, political entity established by the French constitution of 1946. It comprised metropolitan France (the 90 departments of continental France and Corsica); French overseas departments, territories, settlements, and United Nations trusteeships; French
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. Its members consisted of the French Republic, which included metropolitan France (continental France, Corsica, Algeria and the Sahara), the overseas territories (Comoro Islands, French Polynesia, the Territory of the Afars and the Issas, New Caledonia, Saint Pierre and Miquelon, the French Southern and Antarctic territories, and the Wallis and Futuna Islands), the overseas departments (French Guiana, Guadeloupe, Martinique, and Réunion), and six independent African republics (the Central African Republic, Chad, Congo (Brazzaville), Gabon, Malagasy Republic, and Senegal). The member states were self-governing but were represented through the institutions of the Community in matters of common interest: foreign policy, defense, economic and financial policy, policy on strategic raw materials, supervision of courts, higher education, and communications. In 1962 the metropolitan departments of Algeria and the Sahara became the sovereign state of Algeria and ceased to be part of the Community. After 1962, the Community operated primarily through bilateral agreements in the areas of military, economic, technical, and cultural affairs between the French Republic and other members. However, as the former French African possessions evolved their own political and economic structures, the French Community became largely defunct, although it was not formally abolished.
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He appreciated the role of 27,000 French citizens - the biggest French community in the Middle East - in all areas of life.
Chapter 1 relates the experience of a primary school in the French community which started with English immersion in 2003.
In a statement posted on Facebook, Mr Forbes said: "We have a very strong and active French community here in Newcastle; we have a lot of French students here, and so I know that there will be real concern in our city about the impact here."
In a speech to the French community during a visit to Washington, Hollande hailed the climate conference as "the most important event of recent years."
Kirk in Paris Swinney said: "We want to express our strongest solidarity with the French community here in Scotland - part of our country, part of our society and very much part of our lives."
Salima Lim, added: "The whole French community in Dubai is very sad for what is happening and shocked."
Nadal points out that his country is working in close collaboration with the Tunisian authorities and European partners to guarantee the security of the French community in Tunisia, whether resident or temporary.
Laurence Auer, Ambassador of the French Republic, was attended by high-ranking Macedonian officials, and representatives of the diplomatic corps and the French community.
They discussed ways of bolstering bilateral cooperation as well as a proposal by the French ambassador to set up a branch in Bahrain for the French community league abroad.
AN HISTORIC Welsh town has twinned with the French community where their ancestors fought almost 700 years ago in one of the bloodiest battles of the medieval period.
I was able to join the Birmingham event organised by our French community and walk in solidarity with many other West Midlanders, in support of tolerance and our freedoms.
In Australia, more than 1,000 people attended a vigil in Melbourne organised by a member of the French community. New Zealanders mourned for the victims in a vigil held at the French embassy in Wellington.

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