French Congo

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French Congo:

see Congo, Republic of theCongo, Republic of the,
republic (2015 est. pop. 4,996,000), 132,046 sq mi (342,000 sq km), W central Africa; also known as the Congo Republic. Congo is bordered on the west by Gabon; on the north by Cameroon and the Central African Republic; on the east and southeast by the
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When, for instance, the Geneva-organization Bureau International du Travail called for further investigations into the work conditions in French Congo, Gide's observations served as its principal reference, as can be seen from Besson, "Rapport au Ministre de Mr Besson sur le comite des experts du B.
Like practically everyone else in town, she was a transplant, first from the French Congo and then Havana.
The expedition rendezvoused at Loango in French Congo and was then faced with getting to the French post on the Pool, Brazzaville.
15 Where the is probably used as much to specify the national ownership of the territory in distinction to The French Congo as to make a specific riparine connection.