French Trotter

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French Trotter


a breed of light draft horses developed in Normandy, France, by crossing local horses first with Arabians and in the 19th century with English Thoroughbred and Norfolk stallions. The horses were interbred in order to produce a work and troop horse.

French Trotters are large (height at the withers, more than 160 cm), massive, strong, and hardy. However, they mature late with respect to speed. The horses are usually bay, black, or chestnut. They are used for harness racing. French Trotters are also raised in Italy, the Federal Republic of Germany, and Sweden. They were imported to the USSR to cross with Russian Trotters.


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"We recently turned out the best French trotter, Remington Crown, and we won the big steeplechase at Auteuil [Grand Steeple-Chase de Paris last Sunday] with Mandarino.
As well as the heats and final of the Welsh Classic on Saturday there will be two high grade trots, including several French trotters, the Clwb Cardigan Bay Race and the Little Welsh Dragon races for threeyear-old colts and fillies, both of which offer a PS5,000 guaranteed prize fund.
Harness racing was staged at Plump-ton on July 19, 1972, and I also attended a harness meeting at Lingfield on August 21, 1993 (when a number of French trotters took part).