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French Union,

1946–58, political entity established by the French constitution of 1946. It comprised metropolitan France (the 90 departments of continental France and Corsica); French overseas departments, territories, settlements, and United Nations trusteeships; French colonies, which became overseas departments of France; and associate states (protectorates), which became autonomous. The union replaced the colonial system. In 1954, the associate states of Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia withdrew from the union, and in 1956 Morocco and Tunisia, also associate states, became independent. The French CommunityFrench Community,
established in 1958 by the constitution of the Fifth French Republic to replace the French Union. Its members consisted of the French Republic, which included metropolitan France (continental France, Corsica, Algeria and the Sahara), the overseas territories
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 replaced the French Union in 1958.
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Throughout, Pearson highlights the expansive concept of health used by both the UN and the French Union: this included social and economic welfare, education, prevention, primary care services, and environmental sanitation, as well as treatment.
Thousands of protesters marched under tight security in Paris yesterday after French unions, left-wing parties and civil rights groups called for "floods of people" to oppose the economic policies of President Emmanuel Macron.
Now, however, historian Charles Shrader has presented new perspectives of the war between French Union and Viet Minh forces.
Manama, July 29 (BNA): Ombudsman Nawaf Mohammed Al Moawda met French senator Jean-Marie Bockel the deputy chairman for foreign affairs of the French Union of Democrats and Independents (UDI), the official spokesman of the UDI party.
She will be accompanied by the directorDelphine Gleize, the actorMelvil Poupaud,Claude Garnierrepresenting the AFC (French Association for Cinematographers),Didier Huck, representing the FICAM (Federation of Cinema, Audiovisual and Multimedia Industries),Yann Gonzalez, representing the SRF (Society of Film Directors) andBernard Payen, representing the SFCC (French Union of Cinema Critique).
The strikes were called by French union groups SNPC and UNAC.
The significant investment, however, comes at a time when the European refinery industry is struggling.European refiners are in trouble: According to the French Union for Petroleum Industries, or UFIP, European refiners have cut 8 per cent of their capacity between 2007 and 2013 due to weak demand, stricter environmental rules, and increasing competition.Indeed, while weak demand has been a major concern for European refiners, the industry has also been hit hard by increasing competition, especially from the US.
I told this to the French union workers to their faces.
Now French union CFDT has put in a bid after a court stopped rival ferry operator DFDS from taking over the bankrupt business.
Head of the education commission of Tehran Publishers and Booksellers Union said preliminary talks for the courses have been undertaken with French union of publishers and the program is slated for the end of the current Iranian year (March 20, 2012).
French union CGT said it was not against the merger, while its chief Charles Foulard told Reuters that the combination made sense ifA supported by industrial development investments.
The 25-year-old's call-up to the Tri Nations champions comes two years after he walked out of a five-year deal with 13-man outfit Canterbury Bulldogs, only 18 months in, to sign for French union side Toulon.