Frequency Deviation

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frequency deviation

[¦frē·kwən·sē ‚dē·vē′ā·shən]
The peak difference between the instantaneous frequency of a frequency-modulated wave and the carrier frequency.

Deviation, Frequency


the change of the frequency of oscillations from its average value. In frequency modulation, the maximum frequency difference is usually called the deviation frequency. The composition and values of the amplitudes of the components of the spectrum of a frequency-modulated oscillation, as well as the freedom from interference of a radio system, depend on the magnitude of the frequency deviation.

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The combined effects of both the tie-line power and the system frequency deviation are generally treated as controlled output of AGC known as Area Control Error (ACE).
For all of four vehicle IPs and their respective levels of 1-d modeling simplifications, the 1st global frequency deviation is within +/-12%.
To evaluate device performance during shock, the transient frequency deviation was measured during a mechanical shock event following the specifcations of MIL-STD-883H Method 2002 [13] for a 1 ms half sine wave shock pulse with an acceleration of 500 g.
y](f) is spectrum density for relative frequency deviation and [h.
The samples are used for calculating phasor voltage and frequency deviation from the nominal frequency.
The control law is such that when the generator accelerates, the frequency deviation becomes positive to counter this voltage at the PCC is forced to reduce and vice-versa control is exercised when generator decelerates this is done by exchanging power with the system.
Using HFSS to simulate the cylindrical dielectric materials, the radius and dielectric constant of dielectric materials are changed, and frequency deviation under the condition of perturbation is obtained.
12]; namely a signal with the frequency of 10 GHz has a frequency deviation of 1.
s2) in the same idealized case, in order to assure a similar range resolution as in case of LFM radio pulse, the correction of the frequency deviation [DELTA]F by the form:
Baumer has utilized frequency deviation technology in the CleverLevel.
Also, there is a constant frequency but weak signal apparent within the FM frequency deviation range.

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