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Unweathered in reference to a rock or rock surface.
Pertaining to air which is stimulating and refreshing.
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3) Cold ocean water flows to the bottom of an estuary, but when water temperature rises, the ocean water warms up and mixes with fresh river water.
Additionally the state has been using water diversion tactics to flush fresh river water out into the marshes, the Atchafalaya basin and into the Gulf itself to keep the oil slick at bay.
Once it consisted of 17 major creeks, besides a large number of minor creeks; currently, however, only one creek is active, and that too, periodically; people are being forced to commit suicide due to the nonavailability of fresh river water in deltas for sustaining human life.
It's straight-down fishing, with a long-shank whiting hook, a half-ounce of lead and a small piece of fresh river shrimp.
Work has commenced on the project, which will treat residual water so that it can be used in the mining process, therefore avoiding the use of fresh river water.
A slick of fresh river water comes out into the sea, which the wild sea trout wait for.