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The primary value of this section of the book is the way it relates each tuning system to specific issues of lute and viol fretting, with diagrams demonstrating the spatial consequences of each system on the fretboard.
With the increasing use of PEEK-matrix materials in various fretting conditions, it is necessary to study their own unique response to the special application.
Fretting wear was investigated on vibration burnished and polished samples.
Interference fit is a common mechanical component, semipermanent assembly, often because of the elastic deformation amount of the difference between the assembly parts, resulting in the local area of the contact surface relative reciprocating motion of small amplitude, which causes fretting damage [1].
Fretting fatigue phenomenon occurs when two surfaces in contact simultaneously encounter sliding movements and fluctuating loads.
Consumers fretting about winter energy bills are likely to crimp their holiday shopping plans.
YOU can look forward to some first-class picking and fretting this week with two extraordinary guitarists, Steve Tilston and Kevin Dempsey appearing locally.
A merciful native, seeing him ogling and fretting over a map of the city, would pause and trace a circle on the map (this is where you are); then another circle, near or far from the first, maybe overlapping (this is where you want to go).
Carnwath, I suspect, knows that her nonart ideas - her philosophical thumb-suckers, her Eastern mysticism, her fretting over ecology, her generalized upset with violence, misogyny, intolerance, and the whole caboodle of things she calls "bad stuff" - demand some kind of subtlety of presentation if they are not to seem hopelessly adolescent.
The vihuela section, in turn, is divided into two segments (identified in table 2 by the letters A and B, respectively) that relate directly to our topics: the first segment (A) discusses imagined tunings; the second (B) deals with the fretting scheme.
The paper shows the positive effect of regular micro-geometry obtained on vibration burnished surfaces on the wear and fretting resistance of friction pairs.