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Smoking rivets doesn't mean you're the fastest Bonanza pilot in the West, it means you have fretting corrosion. It happens when two surfaces are held tightly together but can still move relative to one another, even ever so slightly.
(54) Corrosion-induced damage likely did not play a role in the observed fracture as the titanium stem was mounted to a cobalt head and showed no signs of galvanic or fretting corrosion at the time of revision.
Additionally, PowerTriple Lock contacts have an anti-fretting lubricant that helps prevent fretting corrosion. To support applications where more than one connector of the same position size may be present, PowerTriple Lock connectors are offered in four different color-coded physical keying options.
Over time, fretting corrosion results in electrical deterioration, data loss, thermal runaway and ultimately circuit failure.
Fretting corrosion occurs on the surface of corrosive substrate when it comes into contact with another surface during an oscillating movement.
This configuration allowed both potential and current responses to be measured during a fretting corrosion test, without accelerating the corrosion-wear of the tested materials.
Among the topics are long-lasting outdoor atmosphere corrosion tests, evaluating fretting corrosion mechanisms on the head-cone interface of hip prostheses, plasma electrolytic oxidation coatings on magnesium alloys for improved wear and corrosion resistance, the boundary element modeling of the impressed current cathodic protection of an offshore platform, and recovering current density from electric potential data.
The pressure their use causes is oftentimes the reason behind the considerable wear of crucial parts, which in many cases leads to extreme cases of wear, such as scuffing, galling, jamming and fretting corrosion damage [8].
(15.) Kim, K, Geringer, J, Pellier, J, Macdonald, DD, "Fretting Corrosion Damage of Total Hip Prosthesis: Friction Coefficient and Damage Rate Constant Approach." Trihol.
The main reasons for this include: the use of an incorrectly fitted shaft or housing, causing bearing damage in the form of cracked rings and fretting corrosion; and the use of defective shaft or housing seats, which are deformed under load and cause fretting corrosion.
The SKF Explorer VA406 spherical roller bearings with PTFE-coated bore that provides additional benefits in vibrating screen applications because the PTFE coating eliminates fretting corrosion between the shaft and the bearings.