Frida Vigdorova

Vigdorova, Frida Abramovna


Born Mar. 3 (16), 1915, in Orsha; died Aug. 7, 1965, in Moscow. Soviet Russian writer. Born into a teacher’s family.

Vigdorova graduated from the literature department of the Lenin Moscow Pedagogical Institute in 1937, after which she taught in a secondary school. In 1938 she began to publish as a journalist. Vigdorova’s first book was Twelve Brave Men (1948, with T. Pechernikova). L. T. Kosmodem’ianskaia’s book Tale ofZoia and Shura (1950) came out in Vigdorova’s literary transcription. Vigdorova’s stories and novellas are largely documentary, including My Class (1949), Road to Life (1954), This Is My House (1957), and Chernigovka (1950). Her articles are mainly devoted to problems of the moral upbringing of youth. She wrote the novel Family Happiness (1961) and the collection of articles Who Are You to Him? (published 1969).


Minuty tishiny. Moscow, 1967.
Doroga v zhizn’; Eto moi dom; Chernigovka: povesti. Moscow, 1969.


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