Friedrich Christoph Dahlmann

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Dahlmann, Friedrich Christoph


Born May 13, 1785, in Wismar; died Dec. 5, 1860, in Bonn. German historian and politician. A bourgeois liberal.

Dahlmann was a professor at several universities: at Kiel from 1812 to 1829, at Göttingen from 1829 to 1837, at Jena from 1838 to 1842, and at Bonn from 1842 on. In 1830 he published a bibliographical guide to German history (revised and updated in 1869 by G. Waitz and then by other historians), which has become a very important bibliographical aid for German history. He published History of Denmark from 1840 to 1844. In 1848 and 1849 he was a deputy to the Frankfurt National Assembly, where he was a leader of the proponents of the “Kleindeutsch” policy, that is, a united Germany under Prussian hegemony.


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