Friedrich Otto Schott

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Schott, Friedrich Otto


Born Dec. 17, 1851, in Witten (Ruhr); died Aug. 27, 1935, in Jena. German chemist. Founder (1884) and head of the Jena Glassworks (Jenaer Glaswerk Schott und Genossen).

Schott studied at the Technische Hochschule in Aachen, as well as at the universities of Würzburg and Leipzig. His research was primarily devoted to the chemistry and technology of glass. By adding various oxides in different proportions—oxides of barium, zinc, lead, boron, and phosphorus—to the glass composition, Schott developed new types of glass, with highly valuable optical, chemical, thermal, and electrical properties. His research served as the basis for the development of the German optical glassmaking industry, Schott also organized the manufacture of high-quality glass chemical, medical, and electrical-engineering equipment.


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