Friedrich Wilhelm Bergholz

Bergholz, Friedrich Wilhelm


Born 1699, in the Duchy of Holstein; died 1765, in Wismar, Germany. A Holstein nobleman who left a Diary on his stay in Russia, where he spent his childhood and adolescence because his father was a general in the Russian service.

From 1717 he was a courtier of the dukes of Holstein, in whose retinue he came twice to Russia: in 1721–27 and with Karl Peter Ulrich (the future Peter III) in 1742–46. He kept a diary, the preserved parts of which cover the years 1721–25 and are one of the sources on the history of the customs and mores of the Petrine period. Diary was first published in Germany in 1785–88; the Russian translation had three editions (the first in 1857–60).


Dnevnik kamer-iunkera F. V. Berkhgol’tsa, 1721–1725, vols. 1–4. Moscow, 1902–03.
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