Friedrich Von Ingenohl

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Ingenohl, Friedrich Von


Born June 30, 1857, in Neuwied; died Dec. 13, 1930, in Berlin. German admiral (1913).

Ingenohl joined the navy in 1874, becoming the commander of a cruiser squadron in 1909 and of the High Seas Fleet in 1913. At the outset of World War I (1914–18) he advocated a doctrine of attaining parity with the British Navy through a small-scale war. This war was to be followed by a general engagement, resulting in the utter defeat of Great Britain at sea. This strategy was not successful. After the defeat at Dogger Bank in January 1915, Ingenohl was relieved of his command. He was forced to retire in February 1915.

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In early 1910, Squadron Chief Vice Admiral Friedrich von Ingenohl formulated more comprehensive plans giving considerable autonomy of action to the captain of the cruiser on the west American station.