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Friendly Islands:

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, officially Kingdom of Tonga, island kingdom (2015 est. pop. 106,000), 270 sq mi (699 sq km), South Pacific, c.2000 mi (3,220 km) NE of Sydney, Australia. Tonga is the only surviving independent kingdom in the South Pacific. Nukualofa is the capital.
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Political parties: People's Democratic Party, Friendly Islands Human Rights and Democratic Movement, Paati Langafonua Tu'uloa, Tonga Democratic Labour Party.
1868 'Australasian and Polynesian missions; Friendly Islands District', in: Report of the Wesleyan-Methodist Missionary Society, pp.
Akalisi Pohiva, a veteran pro-democracy campaigner, and the Democratic Party of the Friendly Islands, won 12 of the 17 publicly contested seats in Thursday's vote, preliminary results showed.
In addition to blockading the enemy coast and supporting the UN land forces, they protected the friendly islands and brought aid and comfort to the sick and needy in isolated fishing villages.
| 1900: Britain annexed Tonga, the Friendly Islands.
And the princess added that their historic visit to the South Pacific to what Captain James Cook called "Friendly Islands" had inspired the youth in Tongan to be "the best they can be."
1900: Britain annexed Tonga, the Friendly Islands. 1906: The 20km Simplon rail tunnel between Switzerland and Italy was officially opened.
Friendly Islands Project-Sh 05/01/18 Not Sched Nil 10,000 Talc Lumps
Tonga, the so-called Friendly Islands? We're a little closer to home.
1789: The crew of the HMS Bounty, led by Fletcher Christian, mutinied in the Friendly Islands in the South Seas, sailing for the Pitcain Islands.
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