Friends of the Earth

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Friends of the Earth

Address:1717 Massachusetts Ave NW, Suite 600
Washington, DC 20036

Established: 1969. Description:Dedicated to protecting the planet and safeguarding health and safety. Focuses on eliminating environmental hazards that threaten people's lives, such as the dangerous use of pesticides. Helps challenge environmental policies that directly threaten people living in poor communities. Provides technical assistance, activist training, and guidance on political organizing. Divisions of FOE include Bluewater Network, which wages campaigns to combat global warming, air and water pollution, and abuse of public lands. Member groups of Friends of the Earth International exist in 70 countries Members: 30,000 in United States (two million in 70 countries). Dues: $35/year.
Publications: Friends of the Earth Newsmagazine (quarterly); free to members.

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Both MPs agreed to meet regularly with Friends of the Earth to report on progress.
Perhaps he doesn't know that Friends of the Earth is a grassroots organisation and our dedicated activists are no more told what to think by Friends of the Earth Europe than they are by Friends of the Earth Cymru (not funded by the EC) or Friends of the Earth England, Scotland and Northern Ireland (not funded by the EC).
As such, Cardiff Friends of the Earth has asked for full details of the council's costings and reasoning and is continuing its campaign to help keep this valuable route open.
AN inadequate response to the most important issue of the day is the way yesterday's keynote speech on climate change by environment minister Carwyn Jones has been described by Friends of the Earth Cymru.
But Friends of the Earth's new report, Pie in the Sky: Why the costs of Airport Expansion Outweigh the Benefits, reveals that the benefits to the economy of expanding UK airports have been grossly exaggerated while the real economic, social and environmental costs have been practically ignored.
Members of the Friends of the Earth lobby group met Newcastle International Airport managers to discuss the environmental implications of its planned expansion.
FIRST Minister Jack McConnell is in danger of being expelled from Friends of the Earth.
Friends of the Earth warned the Prime Minister, at a conference in Exeter this week, on climate change.
Able UK boss Peter Stephenson has demanded a Friends of the Earth spokesman withdraw comments he made on live radio which falsely suggested Able UK had been punished in court for breaking environmental law.
The Friends of the Earth and CEE/Bankwatch claim the project would inflict unjustified damage on the environment.
Public Interest Research Group (USPIRG), Friends of the Earth (FOE) and Taxpayers for Common Sense (TCS).

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