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a woman’s inability to experience orgasm. Those with this condition have a lowered sex drive, although the child-bearing function is preserved. Frigidity can result from endocrine disturbances, diseases of the genitalia, inhibition of the sex drive, or mental disorders brought on by neuroses. In cases where the sex drive is inhibited, frigidity can pass (for example, after childbirth).

Treatment is dependent upon the causes of frigidity and is not indicated in all cases. Methods include psychotherapy, hormonal preparations, and physical therapy. Anorgasmy, or the absence of sexual satisfaction, is generally the result of sexual disharmony between partners and not sexual frigidity. It can be caused, for example, by the inadequate stimulation of a woman’s erogenous zones. The advice of a sexologist can help correct frigidity in many cases.


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Her decision to avoid marriage is, by her lights, a mark of respect for herself and Jude, not an instance of flirtation, frigidity, childishness, or self-enclosure.
Lee asserts that along with The Wise Virgins, "the version of their marital sex-life put about by Vanessa and Clive [.] perpetuated the legend of Virginia's frigidity" (Woolf 244).
He proceeds to "a horrible experience I know of also" where "a young girl that took LSD" who "I guess she had a sexual problem, one of inadequacy and frigidity. After she took LSD"--and here Jackson is careful to state that he does not attribute her actions to the direct influence of the drug, meaning after having undergone the experience--"she had sexual conduct with about 40 young fellows" and "had to be committed to a mental institution" (110).
before tingling horoscopes telescope our powerful frigidity in
Despite the frigidity of Martian air, the proximity of other instruments meant that the CheMin's charge-coupled device (CCD) that collects the X-ray information would have trouble maintaining a temperature cool enough to operate efficiently.
Through the trajectory of Hollywood's lesbian discourse, the book explores not only sexual presentation and gender performance in film, but also how concepts such as frigidity, homosociality, motherhood, domesticity and career ambition were deployed to pathologise lesbianism and bolster the Cold War sexual agenda.
What could have been a Sweeney Todd-esque exploration of cannibalism and human nature comes across as overstuffed (pun intended), with comments on gender equality and modern frigidity that muddle the plot and humor.
Eventually he moves from his sister's home to live with the mother and it is at this point that he breaks through her emotional frigidity to establish a real bond, a bond which she does not have with either of the other children.
The two remaining chapters of Part 4 deal with the medical normalization of female desire in the context of newly developed classifications such as frigidity, which is the focus of the essay by Alison Moore, and hysteria and spermattorhoea, which are analyzed by Elizabeth Stephens.
Thomas believes Nina's frigidity and sexual innocence is the stumbling block that keeps her from being a great dancer, and he sets her up against both Lily and his former lead dancer Beth (Winona Ryder), women whose passion and sexuality flame out in distinctively uncontrolled ways.
It forces philosophy to face its staid and stodgy frigidity as it is made orgiastically to bed down with its others: the sexually live body as hermeneutics, aesthetics, practice, knowledge, ethics, and bio-techno-ontotogy.
Clearly the long bilateral frigidity stemming from Indian exploitation of its Canadian-supplied Candu reactor to complement their initial nuclear weapons program has ended.