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see FrieslandFriesland
or Frisia
, province (1994 pop. 607,000), c.1,325 sq mi (3,430 sq km), N Netherlands. Leeuwarden is the capital. The province includes several of the West Frisian Islands along the North Sea coast and borders on the IJsselmeer in the southwest.
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Leyenda: Figura 2 * Johann Gutlich: Paisagem da aldeia de Joure, Frisia. Desenho a carvao sobre papel, 23x43cm.
Em 2002 as cooperativas Frisia e Castrolanda foram assistidas pelo Programa de Desenvolvimento Cooperativo para Agregacao de Valor a Producao Agropecuaria (24) (PRODECOOP).
With unusual sensitivity, he successfully navigated between his father's preaching style, oriented to German idealism, and modern theology as it was taught in German universities in the post-war years, also bringing the congregations in East Frisia into closer fellowship with other congregations in the Union of German Mennonite Congregations.
That the scribes were able to patch together phrases from a common European store for both the arenga (the preamble to a charter setting it within a religious framework) and the colophon shows pragmatic literacy was further advanced in Frisia about 1300 than hitherto realized.
Amalia Elisabeth, however, from exile in East Frisia, took advantage of military victories by her army in Westphalia and the Rhineland to win support from the French (who coveted this region), and promises of huge financial support, to make Vienna nervous enough to eventually compromise on nearly all of its demands for Hesse-Cassel.
Furthermore, as a soil formed on Karst and located above a cave system, the site provides future possibilities for investigating cave formations as paleoenvironmental archives of soil processes (Frisia and Borsato 2010).
I'd arrived that morning with the intention of writing an article for a travel magazine about this North Sea region the Germans call East Frisia, but before I even set foot on the island, while still in Norddeich, I realized that not even embellishment and deceit--invaluable tools of the travel writing trade--could make what I'd seen the previous day seem attractive: towns that all looked the same, and even had similar names, straight from a story by Poe or Lovecraft--Wiesmoor, Neermoor; Hooksiel, Harlesiel, Bensersiel; Eilsum, Pewsum, Wybelsum--they sounded like places where only the worst could happen; even the stores were all the same, un reasonably sized, the people bitter and hostile.
The first of these, on Dutch monuments in Frisia, Groningen, Guelders and Holland, was apparently sent by de Witt in 1609 to accompany a copy of Lipsius' letters borrowed from van Buchell and now returned.
Thus, one can observe a sudden population loss in the 6th century in a zone in northern Europe that encompassed at least Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Gotland, Oland, southern Sweden as far as Lake Malaren, southern Norway, Denmark, as well as Schleswig-Holstein and northern Frisia in Germany.
My observations are drawn from repeated visits over a period of thirteen years (including a year of continuous fieldwork from 2010 to 2011) to Dobbe, a village located in the region of East Frisia between the North Sea and the Ems River.
"We wanted to ask consumers specific questions about our Frisia Mini Marshmallows packaging," says Eline van Muilwijk, marketing Manager at Astra, "so using the candy box itself to solicit their input made a lot of sense." Van Muilwijk's team printed a QR code and URL on 20,000 inexpensive black-and-white labels they adhered to the front of their colorful boxes, eliminating the need for special retailer cooperation.