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Froben, Johann


Born circa 1460, in Hammelburg, Franco-nia; died Oct. 26, 1527, in Basel. Printer and publisher in Basel.

Born in Germany, Froben became a citizen of Basel in 1490. His work in Basel, a center of humanism, promoted the expansion of printing there. In 1514, Froben became closely associated with Erasmus of Rotterdam, most of whose works he published or republished. Froben published the Greek and Latin classics, works by humanist writers, and Erasmus’ scholarly critical edition of the New Testament (1516), which gave priority to the Greek text. In 1518, Froben republished T. More’s Utopia with the collaboration of More and of Erasmus. Froben’s work was continued by his son, Hieronymus Froben (1501–63), one of whose main publications was G. Agricola’s De re metallica. The publishing house founded by Froben remained in existence until 1587.

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Though the original market for his Talmud was to have been a Jewish one, printer Froben was covering his bases.
11 Desiderius Erasmus John Froben X X 12 Beatus Rhenanus Willibald Pirckheimer X X Totals 8 9 9 9
Juzga mas prudente irse a instalar en Bale, cerca de su editor Froben.
San Francisco Bay-area activist Froben Lozada, for example, exclaimed: "And the pacifists want us to preach morality to them who have none
3) By the 1840s, Stevens had begun to shape what would remain the pinnacles of American collecting taste for several generations: Shakespeare First Folios and Quartos; (4) early books and original documents associated with the discovery, exploration, and early political history of America; the earliest printed books (particularly those printed by Gutenberg, Froben, Jenson, and Aldus on the continent, along with Caxton and Wynkyn de Worde in England); and the first books and pamphlets actually printed on the North American continent.
Carey Lewis, who runs the hardwood business Froben at Trelewis near Merthyr Tydfil, admits that the business attitude to the single currency in Wales is mixed.
In recognition of his "pioneering work in the service of the German colonial idea," the venerable colonialists award Froben an antique globe.
In the ensuing flood of diverse reports, the chronicle by Duke Froben von Zimmern and his secretary Johannes Muller in 1556 was the first to mention that the Pied Piper destroyed Hamelin's rats, got cheated out of his reward, and kidnapped the children to punish the greedy burghers.
So also did the Catholic prince Froben Ferdinand Furst zu Furst enberg, [19] to whom Zinzendorf dedicated his "Christian-Catholic Song and Prayer Book" in 1727.
The Latin text used here is the same as that used as the basis for the 1989 translation, namely the Froben edition of March 1518.
This latter area would become a specialty in Basel, where it would be very important for Amerbach and for Froben and the Erasmian circle, in the years that followed Aldus's death.
42) This view was expressed some forty years later by Count Froben Christoph of Zimmern: Die Chronik der Grafen von Zimmern, ed.