Front of National Unity

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Front of National Unity


(FNU; Front Jedności Narodu), a mass sociopolitical movement in Poland that unites all the progressive and patriotic elements of the population, regardless of party affiliation, creed, or social origin. The FNU rallies these various groups around a program aimed at building socialism, developing the national economy, strengthening the Polish state, and strengthening the security of Poland’s borders.

The front was founded in 1952 and until October 1956 was called the National Front. The FNU includes such organizations as the Polish United Workers’ Party, the United Peasant Party, the Democratic Party, the trade unions, and the Federation of Socialist Unions of Polish Youth.

The local organizations of the FNU—the województwo, city, powiat, and gmina committees—work with the people’s councils on such matters as the development of social initiative and the discovery and use of production reserves in the national economy. During elections to the Sejm and the people’s councils, the FNU publishes the sole list of candidates from all political parties, candidates from public organizations, and nonparty candidates. The All-Polish Committee heads the FNU.

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