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Mazurek will also have to pay a fine of pound 10,000 for statements he made in October 2016 on the radio station Radio Frontinus, based in A1/2ilina..
Technology, Ideology, Water: From Frontinus to the Renaissance and Beyond: Papers from a Conference at the Institututum Romanum Finlandiae, May 19-20, 2000.
"These military actions began with the invasion at Richborough in Kent by Emperor Claudius in 43 AD, but were not concluded until nearly 30 years later with the decisive campaigns of Governor Sextus Julius Frontinus between 74 and 77 AD which brought Wales under control.
Sextus Julius Frontinus, a Roman senator of the first century AD, is best known for technical treatises, including one on military matters, Stratagems.
According to the geologist Duncan Keenan-Jones, lead author of the study, and his colleagues, a CE 97 account from Roman water commissioner Sextus Julius Frontinus is riddled with discrepancies and did not account for flow velocity, relying instead on a simple cross section of the water held in the aqueduct in the channels.
This need to get an increasingly organized army can be seen, for example, in the work The General by Onassandro, which is about as a General should proceed to the formations do not undo (ONASSANDRO, The General, XXVII, I) or in the work Stratagems by Frontinus, when it is devoted to talking about the discipline and its effect in Book IV of his work (FRONTINO, Stratagems, IV, I; IV, II).
The whole cast of characters is here, including Roman emperors (Claudius and Constantine), governors (Frontinus and Agricola), Saint Patrick, and British leaders (Caratacus and Vortigern).
Although Vegetius gave his advice in the late 4th and early 5th century AD, a lot of his ideas derive from earlier sources like Frontinus who wrote in the 1st century AD; see Frontin.
Following Frontinus and other ancient writers, Bacci provides a detailed account of the construction of the aqueducts in antiquity.
Es un estudio muy tecnico sobre las distintas maneras de realizar mediciones en terrenos montanosos, sobre lo que Frontinus llamaba ratio cultellandi y otros modos de aprovechamiento de la tierra cultivable.