Fruit-Growing, Institute of

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Fruit-Growing, Institute of


(full name, I. V. Michurin All-Union Scientific Research Institute of Fruit-growing), an institute attached to the Ministry of Agriculture that was organized in 1931 in the city of Michurinsk, Tambov Oblast. As of 1974 the institute included the following departments: agricultural technique; selection; plant protection; mechanization; economics; standardization, storage, and processing of fruits and berries; and information.

The Institute of Fruit-growing is involved in the improvement of assortment, the perfection of agricultural technique in orchards and berry patches, the location and specialization of horticulture, the creation of methods for protecting fruit and berry crops from insect pests and disease, the mechanization of labor, the storage and processing of fruits and berries, and the establishment of standards for fruits and berries. The following varieties developed at the institute have been regionalized: apples—New Korichnoe and Northern Sinap; cherries—Tambovchanka; plums—Rekord; gooseberries—Russian; and strawberries—Russian Beauty.

Graduate courses are offered both at the institute and by correspondence. The institute has published Sbornik nauchnykh rabot (Collection of Scientific Works) since 1956.

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