Fort Hood

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Fort Hood,

U.S. army post, 209,000 acres (84,580 hectares), central Tex., near Killeen; est. 1942 on the site of old Fort Gates and named for Confederate Gen. John Hood. It is one of the army's largest installations and a major employer of the area.
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Huachuca, AZ, has been completed, and the Shadow 200 is now in initial operational test and evaluation at Ft.
Campbell, KY Bosnia & Herzegovina 178th MP Det (PNDD), Ft.
SDRC is the Lead System Integrator for the Operational Test - Tactical Engagement System Communications Upgrade for the Army's Operational Test Command test range at Ft.
Twenty-five of the SGJ systems, according to Jetton, are currently supporting the US Army's initial operation test and evaluation of the Bradley and Abrams armored vehicles at Ft.
According to TRW's Herman Redd, after its rollout at Moffett Field, the Guardrail 2000 aircraft immediately headed for Ft.
With the first Light system slated for the 82nd, the Army's only other GBCS-L may be delivered to the 104th Military Intelligence Battalion based at Ft.