Fort Polk

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Fort Polk,

U.S. army post, 200,000 acres (80,937 hectares), SW La.; est. 1941 and named for the Rev. Leonidas Polk. It is a major army warm-weather training center.
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"His knowledge and skills have made an untrained, aviation electronics mechanic able to repair hospital equipment," said Chief Petty Officer Brandon Ellison, leading chief, who has been working with Buckley for nine months, starting with combat skills training prior to deployment at Ft. Polk, La.
A proud member of Class 81 at Ft. Polk, La., he completed his pre-deployment training and arrived in Kabul, Afghanistan, in November 2009 for duty at the COIN Academy, Camp Julien.
The 162nd infantry Brigade, which is based at Ft. Polk, has the unusual mission of training advise-and-assist teams that embed with Afghan or Iraqi security forces.
She is Microbiology, Serology and Immunology Supervisor at Bayne Jones Army Community Hospital in Ft. Polk, LA.
During his dedicated career he was stationed in Ft. Polk, LA, Mannheim Germany, Ft.
Each dental clinic at Ft. Polk provided its own activities during DARW and all included luncheons, pastry treats and a recognition ceremony.
The platoon will deploy to Ft. Polk, LA, from September 8-20, to participate in the Joint Contingency Warfighting Experiment (JCWE), for four to five days of interactive testing with other groups.
The technology solutions provided improve location awareness, response time and security at Ft. Polk. Being able to complete the project on time and at cost was an important consideration for our company."
Stewart, GA Bosnia & Herzegovina JOINT GUARDIAN (KFOR) 793d MP Bn, Bamberg, GE Kosovo 530th MP Bn (EPW/CI) (-), Nebraska -- USAR Kosovo 527th MP Co, Weisbaden, GE Kosovo 615th MP Co, Ansbach, GE Kosovo 258th MP Co, Ft. Polk, LA Kosovo 1st AD MP Plt, Werzburg, GE Kosovo MWD (KM) ASG, GE Kosovo MWD ASG, GE Kosovo CID (3 CID GRP, 307 CID, 701 CID) Kosovo
Ord, Calif., he became an enlisted instructor in Ft. Polk, La.