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Nassar, Fuad


Born Nov. 28, 1914, in Nazareth, Palestine; died Sept. 30, 1976 in Amman. Figure in the workers’ and national liberation movement of Jordan.

Formerly a worker, from 1946 to 1948 Nassar was a member of the Central Committee of the National Liberation League, a Communist organization of Palestinian Arabs founded in 1943. In 1948 he became general secretary of the league. The league itself became the Jordan Communist Party (JCP) in 1951, and Nassar took the post of first secretary of the CC JCP. Later that year he was arrested; in 1952 he was sentenced to ten years at hard labor. He was freed in 1956 through popular pressure but was forced to emigrate. He returned to Jordan in 1967. Nassar is the author of articles on problems of the national liberation movement in the Arab countries and has translated works by the founders of Marxism-Leninism into Arabic.

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A1-Salfiti denigrated the method of armed struggle generally, and particularly disdained Fatah, which he considered to have been influenced by the reactionary Muslim Brotherhood.(17) The second wing of the movement, under Fu'ad Nassar, favored guerrilla activities, and, in 1969, formed the commando organization al-Ansar, which survived only three years before being disbanded.(18)