Mehmet Fuat Köprülü

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Köprülü, Mehmet Fuat


Born Dec. 4, 1890, in Istanbul; died there June 28, 1966. Turkish philologist, publicist, and historian.

Köprülü studied in the faculty of law at the University of Istanbul, and he became a professor there in 1913. His works mark the beginning of the European school in Turkish literary history. His fundamental treatises The First Mystics in Turkish Literature (1918), Contemporary Literature (1924), History of Turkish Religion (1925), History of Turkish Literature (1928), and Turkish Folk Poets (1940–41) were a major contribution to the study of important problems of Turkish culture. He is the author of more than 500 works dealing with problems in Turkish language, literature, medieval history, and the history of religious movements. In 1946 he helped found the Democratic Party of Turkey. Köprülü served as foreign minister from 1950 to 1957 and contributed to Turkey’s entry into NATO in 1952 and into the Baghdad Pact in 1955.


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It was "imperative that democracies work in complete harmony, without competition among themselves or differences in policy objectives," Foreign Minister Mehmet Fuat Koprulu told George McGhee, the US ambassador to Turkey, in January 1952, shortly before Turkey joined Nato.
"Demokrat Parti'den uyeler" basligi altinda: Fuat Koprulu (Istanbul vekili) ve Adnan Menderes (Kutahya vekili).
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Disisleri Bakani Fuat Koprulu, 20 Haziran 1950'de yaptigi bir konusmada Disisleri Bakanligi adina Kibris konusunda "biz boyle bir meseleye resmen muttali [haberdar] degiliz" (54) der.
Ilber Ortayli notes that "Fuat Koprulu acted in a part-nationalist, a part-jealous manner against these people.
He notes that the pressure for democratization, which gained fullest force with the creation of the Democrat Party in 1946 under the leadership of figures such as Bayar, Adnan Menderes, and Fuat Koprulu, was not imposed from the outside but was a manifestation both of schisms that had been present since the earliest days of the Republic and broader social and economic changes that emerged as a result of World War II.