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, Foochow, Fuchou
a port in SE China, capital of Fujian province on the Min Jiang: one of the original five treaty ports (1842). Pop.: 1 398 000 (2005 est.)
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(also Foochow), a city in East China; situated on the Min Chiang, near the river’s mouth on the East China Sea. Capital of Fukien Province. Population, 740,000 (1975).

Fouchou is a major commercial port; its outer port, Mawei, is accessible to seagoing vessels. Goods shipped from Fuchou include tea, timber, camphor, fruits, paper, and lacquer ware. Fuchou’s industries include metallurgy, metalworking, the processing of tea and sugar, and the manufacture of wood products and paper. Mawei has a shipyard. Fuchou is one of the largest commercial fishing centers in China. It is also a center for the production of fine lacquer ware, which is decorated with painted designs or with carving and inlaid work; such lacquer articles include tea and coffee services, vases, screens, and tables. Other important products of Fuchou include porcelain and articles of bamboo and leather.

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Huang, in a report to shareholders, listed the initial links of a "cross-nation enterprise network" as follows: an instant noodle factory in Fuchou, a glutamate plant in Kuilin, a milk powder factory in Beijing, the Mei-Lin plant in Shanghai, and outlets in seven major areas including Beijing and Shanghai.