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C40H60O6 A carotenoid pigment; a partial xanthophyll ester found in diatoms and brown algae.



C40H56O6, a yellow carotenoid pigment found in diatoms and in brown and golden algae; a xanthophyll. Fucoxanthin occurs in algae together with chlorophyll, the basic photosynthetic pigment. The absorption spectrum of fucoxanthin in the visible region has three maxima—at 424–436, 448–460, and 471—492 nanometers. No flourescence has been detected. Fucoxanthin takes part in photosynthesis by ensuring the transfer of absorbed luminous energy to chlorophyll. The high efficiency of the energy transfer indicates that fucoxanthin is located in close proximity to chlorophyll.

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antioxidant protectors, including anthocyanidins (blueberry and beet root), spirulina, green tea polyphenols, OPC, and fucoxanthin
The products are mainly made in Southern Ireland and bottled in England, although the fucoxanthin supplement is made in the US and packaged in the UK under Healtharena's Advanced Nutrition brand.
BROWN seaweed, used to flavour Asian soups and salads, contains a fat-burning compound called fucoxanthin that helps weight loss.
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The company's Thermogenic Supplement supports increased metabolism and targeted fat burning; it contains bitter orange, green tea extract, green coffee bean and fucoxanthin.
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