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Parker Aerospace, a business segment of Parker Hannifin Corporation, the global leader in motion and control technologies, announced that its Gas Turbine Fuel Systems PowerGen Division was awarded the fuel atomization nozzle and dual fuel manifold assembly for Vericor Power Systems TF50F oil field gas turbine.
The main purpose of the automotive fuel injection pump is to deliver fuel into the engine cylinders, while exactly controlling the injection timing, fuel atomization and other parameters.
This could be explained by more intense combustion at 1000 bar injection pressure due to better fuel atomization and higher evaporation rates comparatively to results obtained at 800 bar [41].
Longer 5 V duty cycles allow longer ON times of the 38 V pulses, allowing for more fuel atomization. Smaller duty cycles allow shorter ON times of the 38 V pulses and hence less fuel is atomized.
The ambient pressure has been mostly affected on ignition such as fuel atomization [15-20], minimum ignition energy [21-24], flame kernel propagation speed [25], and burning velocity [26].
In the figure one, we show the sample model of the fuel atomization systems.
This enhances the fuel atomization leading to improved air fuel mixing.
Another group of research is the technique of laser diffraction and laser-induced-fluorescence used in the analysis of fuel atomization [17-22].
A study of diesel fuel atomization based on cavitation bubble collapse energy was presented by A.
The waste oil burner used compressed air produced in an attached air compressor module to accomplish fuel atomization starting at 2 psi.
Wittig (2000)." CFD analysis of fuel atomization, secondary droplet breakup and spray dispersion in the premix duct of a LPP combustor".
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