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Your car's computer is set to increase fuel mixture during the warm-up cycle.
The sample, lubricant oil and fuel mixture are directly injected with a single-hole diesel injector into the pre-heated and pre-compressed chamber.
Alternative fuel mixture credit: The alternative fuel mixture credit under Sec.
Some characteristics of the fuel mixture components are listed in Table 3.
The greater the compression of the air fuel mixture in the combustion chamber, the more energy it produces when ignited.
The odour could also be from the exhaust pipe if the fuel mixture has too much petrol.
which was treated with a gasoline and diesel fuel mixture along with a non mixture control in five replications.
The experiment was laid out in completely randomized design (CRD) with four gasoline and diesel fuel mixture treatments in three replications.
Soldiers received in-depth training about safety precautions, standard operating procedures, fuel mixture, and factors such as atmospheric conditions that can affect the system's capabilities.
The testing was performed at a test bed installed at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City, Utah, and results show that the biocrude/coal fuel mixture burned well, and produced 20 percent lower nitric oxide (NOx) emissions than coal alone.
2 million, from alternative fuel mixture credits recognized during the quarter, which was partly offset by after-tax costs relating to restructuring and early retirement of debt totaling $2.
The fuel mixture performed well in a range of tests, the airline said.