oil spill

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oil spill:

see water pollutionwater pollution,
contamination of water resources by harmful wastes; see also sewerage, water supply, pollution, and environmentalism. Industrial Pollution
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for the report of a fuel spill with an explosion, though Kreher on Wednesday said there was no explosion or flames.
The drill scenario involved a coordinated emergency response to a simulated fuel spill from an unknown source posing a hazard to area wildlife and habitats in Puget Sound and along the nearby shoreline, also threatening tribal fishing grounds.
Fuel spills and discharges of hazardous materials, pollutants and other regulated materials, even in small quantities, can turn into expensive incidents for spill generators and their insurers.
Let's start by understanding fuel spills caused by an insured and the environmental needs of your community.
The Draager training facilities that include simulated fuel spill fires provide the ideal environment for teaching, learning and developing these skills, Brinken says.
A lethal combination of oil and sunlight proved unexpectedly toxic to herring embryos after a 2007 fuel spill in San Francisco Bay, virtually disintegrating the developing fish in the water.
He was using the portable loo when he was exposed to a possible fuel spill.
SHENTONGROUP is now offering diesel fuel spill kits with all its generators.
The fuel tanks were not topped off following the fuel spill.
In late June, Toyota announced it will recall about 17,000 units of the 2010 model of its hybrid Lexus HS250h in the United States over concern that it may cause a fuel spill in a rear-end collision.
Aerial searches of the area where the fuel spill occurred were conducted and revealed no indication of any remaining fuel on the ocean's surface," the Navy said.
submarine and an amphibious vessel collided in the Strait of Hormuz on Friday slightly injuring 15 sailors and creating a fuel spill, the U.