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proportional representation:

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in government, the term used to designate the means by which a whole population may participate in governing through the device of having a much smaller number of people act on their behalf.
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Proportional Representation


in bourgeois electoral law, a means of determining the results of a vote, according to which the distribution of seats among parties that have nominated candidates for a representative body conforms with the number of votes received. Under proportional representation large electoral districts are established in which each party nominates its own slate of candidates and the voter casts his vote for a party’s slate. To determine the results of the vote, an electoral yardstick (or quota) is set, that is, a minimum number of votes needed to obtain one seat. The seats within a party’s slate are generally distributed in conformity with the order in which the candidates are listed; such a slate is termed a connected slate.

Proportional representation exists in Italy, Belgium, Finland, and elsewhere. In a number of countries, including Australia and India, a form of proportional representation called preferential voting is used in presidential elections.

In the bourgeois multiparty system, proportional representation is the most democratic way of determining the results of a vote, since the bodies elected in this manner are more representative in character. The Communist and workers’ parties of capitalist states make demands for proportional representation, but bourgeois states are reluctant to accept this, since they fear an increase in the number of workers’ representatives in elected bodies. Most bourgeois states use the majority system of representation.

proportional representation

Politics representation of parties in an elective body in proportion to the votes they win
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43) So long as clinic opportunities are limited, the best way to develop basic professional competencies and values is to provide full representation to a manageable number of clients.
Some of those people, who otherwise would not have consulted lawyers at all, will then understand that it would benefit them to hire lawyers for full representation.
Full representation may be the Holy Grail for Greens, but IRV is a practical reform that completely reverses the "spoiler" dynamic that does so much to dampen serious consideration of third party candidates.
2043 and vote for full representation for the citizens of the District of Columbia.
It would be difficult to see where we can go to if the full representation of the racing industry and the chief executives of the Big Three bookmakers won't put any money in.
The NLRB, which now has full representation for the first time in years, is facing a backlog of over 200 cases dealing with various kinds of supervisory status including 60 involving registered nurses.
This legislation marks a solid step forward to full representation for the people of the District of Columbia and I'm grateful to our allies on the Hill, especially Tom Davis and Eleanor Holmes Norton.
The full representation of women in the peacemaking process and a commitment to women's full equality in the post-war Iraq;
It was this approach that preempted Algeria from becoming a truly pluralistic society and kept the Berbers from realizing full representation.
Cuba has enjoyed full representation and membership in the United Nations since 1945.
There will also be larger quarterly events with full representation from each organisation.
He commented that one positive factor was the way in which the SSC demonstrated how it could work with the club in the interests of ensuring full representation of all fan groups including The Trust, The Boro Independent Supporters Club, The Boro Supporters Club, independent supporters and The Fanzine.